Welcome to my website. I am Professor of Behavioural Science at Newcastle University, where I am a member of the cross-disciplinary Centre for Behaviour and Evolution. I study a number of different topics relating to behaviour, ageing and health, both in humans and in non-human animals (especially starlings). My main currently active research areas are:


  • The impacts of deprivation and adversity on the individual over the life course
  • Biological ageing (especially changes in telomeres, the DNA caps on the ends of our chromosomes)
  • Food and eating (mainly in humans, but also in birds)
  • Social cognition and social behaviour

These four areas are all very linked, even though it may not appear so at first glance. They also all span the biological and social sciences. I am also interested more broadly in explanations in the behavioural sciences; in interdisciplinary synthesis; and in open science.

From this site, you can read the latest updates, and download all of my research papers (here by year or here by topic area). There’s no need to ever cross a paywall to access any of my research papers; there’s always some kind of version freely available on this site (at least for everthing I have written since 2009), even if it is not the publisher’s formatted version. You can also find information on the various books I have written and the introductory R course I teach.