Welcome to my website. I am Professor of Behavioural Science at Newcastle University, where I am a member of the cross-disciplinary Centre for Behaviour and Evolution. I study a number of different topics relating to behaviour, ageing and health, both in humans and in non-human animals (especially starlings). I am interested in the impacts that adversity and deprivation, particularly during early life, can have on individuals as adults, and in pro-social and anti-social behaviour. I try to approach these questions both as a biologist and as a social scientist, a dual focus that is rewarding but can leave you with sore arms.

From this site, you can download all of my research papers. You can also find out about my major current research projects, Hanging On To The Edges, COMSTAR and the Tyneside Neighbourhoods Project. There is also a page about my theatre company Straw Bear and its forthcoming events.